t3con Munich
26. - 27.10.2016


Expo Stage, 13:15 — 14:00

proServer - leveraging the power of root servers with the convenience of managed hosting // punkt.de

Sebastian Helzle
Patrick M. Hausen

You are developer using all kinds of technology in your projects: TYPO3, Elastic, Redis - anything else.

You need a server that gives you the freedom to deploy your application any way you choose,

no matter what kind of continuous integration infrastructure you are using.

But of course your focus is not on doing all the maintenance tasks yourself: performance monitoring, security updates, …


proServer may be your solution. We'd like to show you the benefits of a modern and lightweight

hosting platform for specialists like you.

We will explain the general design and some best practices we developed for our new platform

based on 15 years of experience in managed hosting.







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