t3con Munich
26. - 27.10.2016


Expo Stage, 11:00 — 11:45

What agencies really need: Managed Cloud Hosting as prime example // 1&1

Vanessa Bianchino
David Endres

Web Agencies have high expectations of their IT infrastructure. On the one hand, they need dedicated resources, which also require the necessary flexibility to scale on demand for customer projects. On the other hand, the platform must be customizable. Most hosting providers have not been able to meet this requirement and shared hosting is not the ideal solution because as the name suggests, resources are shared with others. Dedicated managed servers are generally too rigid when it comes to assembling the server stack, because managed solutions tend to serve the masses and are not suited to the individual needs of a web agency’s customers.

This requirement can be met by having root access to your server, but this requires businesses to be responsible for the administration themselves.

In this presentation, Vanessa Bianchino, Product Manager for Cloud & Servers at 1&1 Internet SE, explains how the needs of web agencies can be met using the example of 1&1’s Managed Cloud Hosting. It demonstrates that custom configurations, system administration and the cloud are not mutually exclusive.

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